Boardgent updates
Boardgent updates

Use more detailed hardware information to diagnose the status of your computers' security





Find new information in the hardware inventory section, such as hard drive partitions and configurations, to determine if you can encrypt your computers with BitLocker. In addition, the boot order allows companies to identify if the order of the listed devices suits the corporate security policies, preventing unauthorized users from loading an operating system from an external drive and stealing confidential information.

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Install the Boardgent agent with a copy-paste of your company┬┤s token





We are constantly working to facilitate the installation process of our agent. You don't need to be a programmer to install it. We have bundled the install command into your company token, so you simply need to copy and paste it into your computer's command-line interface.

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Configure the permissions of your team members in a customized way





Before, you needed to assign your team members to defined roles. Now, we want you to create your own by enabling permissions that are listed individually according to the authorized activities and access to information that each member of your organization has.

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Cancel an execution that you shot by mistake in an off computer





Once you select the execution you want to disable, click on the cancel button in the top right corner and be confident that that action will not run when you turn on the computer.

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Do you need to create a system partition to enable BitLocker?





Automatically create a system partition in your devices by executing it in the OS Management section.

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Available information about installed disks in your computers





Find in the status section detailed information on the installed disks in your computers. Identify all the partitions the disk has, their size and available space, file system, the partition type (MBR or GPT), which disk has the operating system installed on, and the physical ID of devices.

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Do you know if your devices have a TPM (Trusted Platform Module) Chip?





Look in the hardware inventory section if your devices have a TPM Chip and which is its version. With this information, you can establish if you need additional software to encrypt your data and prevent data leaks.

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Find the operating system boot type of your devices in the Boardgent console





Go to the software inventory section and identify which operating system boot type your computers have to check if Windows 11 or the last version of BitLocker are compatible with them.

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Now you can setup a proxy server for the Boardgent agent





Set up a proxy server and its credentials to allow the Boardgent agent to have access to the Internet securely.

New section created exclusively to manage the Windows local and BIOS passwords of your computers





Find a new tab in the Boardgent console where you can validate if your organization's computers have a Windows local or BIOS password, verify if that password is valid, and force the execution of setting a new password whenever you need it.